Who We Serve


Founded in 1983, Merkle RMG provides donation processing, fulfillment, and donor care services to nonprofit organizations that raise funds via direct mail.

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Who We Serve


Merkle RMG has over 15 years of experience providing high-quality remittance processing services to county and local governments.

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Who We Serve


Merkle RMG partners with many of the most respected commercial brands to provide fast, accurate and efficient order management and fulfillment, combined with responsive inbound contact center services.

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Industry Insights –

Pushing the Envelope

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In a Time of Crisis, I’m Reminded that There is Still Good in the World

Switching gears a bit this month, I want to take time to reflect on some current events. I also want to remind us all that what we do matters, and that innovation and out-of-the-box thinking must... Read more

Are We Really Pushing the Envelope?

Finally, organizations are using technology to complement and strengthen their fundraising program. But is this really the case? I’m not sure. In one conversation, I heard about how excited an... Read more

Don’t Turn Cash into Ash: Invest in Good Data

Whether or not you have money to burn, no one likes to waste money. And anyway, the government frowns upon burning their paper. So why are so many nonprofits squandering their resources on... Read more

Inside Merkle –

Leading with Care

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Merkle RMG Welcomes Jann Schultz as VP of Client Services

We’re proud of the strong, lasting relationships we have with our clients, and those relationships often lead to exciting developments. Today, we’re happy to share that former client Jann Schultz... Read more

Investing in Employee Education Through a Unique Partnership

Retaining great employees is a cornerstone of Merkle RMG’s success. We believe that the key to employee retention is continuously helping them advance their career. As part of that commitment, we’... Read more

Year-Round Support for our Community — and Each Other

As exception services manager at Merkle RMG, I’m proud to be part of a corporate culture that supports its community year round. At Christmas, the company participates in the Salvation Army’s... Read more